Is it possible to check my mail from my mobile phone?

Take email on mobile devices.
Application logo Read or send emails, attach or view files being anywhere in the world. Even if you are away from your computer.

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Benefits and possibilities

Multiple Accounts

Push notifications

Color themes

These days, many of us have multiple email accounts. With mobile application, you can make all your accounts work in parallel – just enter your username and password and you will be able to easily switch between them and receive push notifications for each account. You will be informed about new mail immediately or within a few minutes after your mailbox receive it - from now on you don’t need to manually check your mailbox. Notifications about the new incoming letters can come at any time convenient and you can set them in the section “Settings”. Color adds visual intrigue and brings a new dimension to emails beyond black and white text. It can also help you better direct your attention to important messages, buttons, or calls to action. Changing themes does not affect the content or functionality. Available only for Android application.

Calendar sync

Photo sharing


Organize your day better with the our Calendar. Schedule appointments, view or edit event details along and share your calendar with family, relatives, friends or work colleagues! From the phone's photo gallery, you can share your photos via our application and compose a new email with the attachment. It is the best way to share photos with your friends and family! You can use widgets as a very short and simple way to check your inbox folder and compose new messages right from your device's home screen. Available only for Android application.

Contact sync

Powerful search


With contact synchronization you can copy your web Contacts to the address book in your mobile device, making them available to other applications that use the device’s address list. If you turn Contact Sync off, those entries will be removed from the device’s address list. Search in mobile application engine is able to find the contents of all the letters in the history of correspondence. It helps to find the most important and to solve problems as quickly as possible. Feed anything you remember into the search fields and find information fast. Your email is automatically pushed to your phone, so you never miss anything. We syncs emails you've recently received, so you can read them even when you're offline.

Modern design

Email signature

Data protection

Our applications is designed to be light, fast and mobile friendly. Swipe left across messages to quickly delete or mark them. If you’ve created an email signature in mailbox on your desktop or laptop, you’ll see it in mobile version too. High protection from spam, e-mail verification from viruses using Anti-Virus and secure data transfer using SSL encryption technology.

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