About the product, posibilities

Inbox Files - is a free service for storing and sharing files, which offers 10 GB of storage space for all of Your files.
Placing the files on the Inbox Files, You can easily and conveniently share them with friends and acquaintances, also You can make links to Your files and to place those in any forums, blogs, and other places on the internet.

You can also use this service as a backup storage for Your documents, which will be available anytime and enywhere.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to move and rename files, to authorize and control access to them. Upload of the new files immediately to chosen folder allows You to organize a convenient structure for file storage. It should also be noted that in the Inbox Files You can store files with any extension and  share files with all Internet users.


  • Capacity of the storage place is 10 GB.
  • The maximum size of a uploaded file is 2.5 GB, any file types are supported
  • Limit of the parallel downloads is 1 file, it means that You can not simultaneously download more than one file at a time

What is needed to get started?

If You are already a Inbox.lv user,You have no need to make a separate account in the Inbox Files. To start the upload of Your files, You can simply log on to http://files.inbox.lv with the same name and password, as if You were using Your mailbox or on another product on the Inbox.lv.

If You are not registered on the portal Inbox.lv, You can register by clicking the "Register" button located under the login form in the Inbox Files. After successful registration You will have access to all features of Inbox Files.

What is needed to download the file?

To start downloading files, You do not need to register on the Inbox Files. However, if You want to save the file in Your profile, You still need to log in as a registered user of Inbox.lv.

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