How to tell if this was you

When a new device or browser signs in to your account, you’ll get an email straight away with everything we know. To figure out if this was you, have a look at the email:


1. Check the location 

The location you see in the email is based on the IP address. This means that the location isn’t exact, and in some cases it could be pretty inaccurate. However, if the location is more than a few counties or even countries away, that’s a clue that this might not have been you.


2. Check when it happened    

We send you an email the instant a new device or browser signs in to your account. So check the date in the email and the time we sent it. If you weren’t connecting to your mailbox at that time, that’s another clue that this might have been someone else.


3. Check the device and browser  

You’ll also see the device (Windows, MacAndroidiPhone) and maybe the browser (Chrome, FireFox, Internet ExplorerSafari). If this device or browser isn’t one that you usually use, that’s another sign this might not have been you.


What next?

If you think this might not have been you, or even if you’re still not sure, the best way to keep your account secure is to update your security settings and password straight away.


Other ays to protect your account

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