Calendar connection to the used applications


For your convenient we added specific configuration for some list of most used applications. Most calendars that supports CalDav will work by providing server url as 


Microsoft Outlook: 

To extend Outlook with Shared Calendar functionality you can use the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer plugin. Please follow the instructions there to install and set up the plugin.

You will need the following information when setting it up:

  1. Username: Enter your mail.eeusername,
  2. Password: Enter your password,
  3. Server Address: Enter



We are creating our own syncronization for android. It will be available in the closest future.

Till we finished development you can use payment version available in play store or other free application.

  1. Open installed application,
  2. Click on CalDav (1st option),
  3. Server name or URL:
  4. Username: (Your email),
  5. Password: (Your password).


iOS (Iphone/Ipad/Mac OS/OS X):

  1. Go to Calendar > Add Account... > Add CalDAV Account...
  2. Select Account Type: Automatic
  3. Email address: Enter your email (


Thunderbird Lightning:

Because Lightning is only a subscription service it can't discover the addresses to the calendars by itself. So address configuration have to be created manually.

  1. Right-click in the left pane in Calendar
  2. Click New Calendar...
  3. Select On the Network.
  4. Select CalDAV.
  5. Location: Enter your calendar url
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Username: Enter your full email adress username (

Your calendar should now be shown in the left pane.


Google Calendar:

Google is not interested in communicating with the outside world because they want you to use their software.

Even commercial customers seem to be quite upset about that.


Other Calendars:

Mostly calendars support import calendars by url. Use your calendar url and try to add mail calendar to other services or try the same idea as was described in Thunderbird Lightning.

In case you did not find your answer contact us