How to attach file

When writing a new message, as well as forwarding or replying, you can attach files to the letter. To do this, at the time of writing the letter:

  • In a message compose form click on the 1f7d2c781098293306d88dc56e24d8-1683542197-base.png icon;
  • Then select an action - Take from the camera or Choose from library;


7726990fdbf7a789ada58469c7c56a-1683542197-base.png     b7e8f4d8c7eb50b99f9c400ad78d74-1683542197-base.jpg


  • Added files will be displayed in a list;
  • To remove the unwanted file simply click on the "-" sign on the right side of the file.

At this moment, You can add files only one by one.

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