There are 2 methods to attach files to the letter.

1st method:

  • Press the button "Attach files".


  • In the new opened window choose files You need to attach. Remember that You can choose more than one file if these are in the same directory.


  • Click "Open" button and all files will be added as the attachment, and will be placed below the message writing field and shown as icons of files.
  • If You want to add additional files, click "Attach more files" and repeat steps, mentioned above.
  • To delete any file, hover Your mouse over the icon of a file and in the drop down menu click on "Delete".


Remember, that You can add many files to one letter.


The maximum size of sent letters including attachments - 50MB.

Inbox Mail service allows You to send and receive emails with attachments with total size - 50MB, but, when sending email with large attachments, we recommend to find out their limits on the size of incoming messages - it can be smaller than size of Your sent letter, for example, only 40MB. In this case Your letter will not be delivered.

If You need to send a file larger than 50MB, You can split the file into multiple files or use a data compressor.

Inbox also doesn’t allow files with extensions that are considered to be unsafe:
".386" ".adt" ".bin" ".cbt" ".ceo" ".cla" ".cnf" ".dll" ".drv" ".eml" ".exe" ".htt" ".ini" ".ins" ".mad" ".maf" ".mag" ".mam" ".maq" ".mar" ".mas" ".mat" ".mav" ".maw" ".mhtml" ".mso" ".pot" ".scf" ".sys" ".xnk" ".folder" ".ad" ".adp" ".crt" ".ins" ".msc" ".msp" ".sct" ".shb" ".vb" ".wsc" ".wsf" ".cpl" ".shs" ".asp" ".bas" ".bat" ".chm" ".cmd" ".com" ".hlp" ".hta" ".inf" ".isp" ".js" ".jse" ".lnk" ".msi" ".mst" ".pcd" ".pif" ".reg" ".scr" ".url" ".vbe" ".vbs" ".ws" ".wsh"

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