I receive error during sending message

If you can not send a message, please check the following:

  • if the recipients address is written correctly. If the address was shown incorrectly, then after some time, you will recieve the message.
  • It is not possible to send a message in case your or the recepients mailbox is over quota.
  • Check the grammar in case that you are trying to send the message to few recepients. In the field „To” all the addresses must be seperated by comma. We recommend to use Address Book to avoid that kind of mistakes.  
  • Maybe you are trying to attach a file that is too large. The max measure together with text is 50MB.  
  • Check the attached files for viruses. It is possible that you are trying to send a file with extensions that are considered to be unsafe. For more see „Attachment”.

In case you did not find your answer contact us