Can’t receive messages from recipients

1. Check if these letters aren’t already in your mailbox. Check all the folders, especially folders – Subscribed, List, Spamand Trash. When you check the folders, use the search in the upper right side.


2. Open Settings, section Filtersand make sure that specific reciever or domain are not in the list of email addresses, witch for example, are automatically deleted.


3. Perhaps for a long time you have not used your mailbox and it became inactive. Log into your mailbox through the web page and ask to message sender, if he can send you message repeatedly.


From the person who was sends you a message, find out if after sending the letter, it came back with text - letter is not delivered. If such a warning has come, there is definitely written a reason, why letter is not delivered. Please forward this notification letter to us.


4.Pay attention to size of the mailbox - perhaps it's full. Clean the mailbox and ask to resend the letter.


! ! If these methods not topical to you, write to usyour question and this kind of information – from which addresses must come the letters, what is the topic of the letter, date and time of dispatch.

In case you did not find your answer contact us