Restoring deleted e-mails

All e-mails, previously deleted from the existing folders, are stored in the Trash folder. To recover a deleted e-mail:

  • Go to Trash folder (press ☰ (menu) button on the left top side of the screen or you can swipe right from the very left part of the screen, then find Trash folder);
  • Choose e-mai by pressing and holding
  • Tap on the more options icon on the upper right corner of the screen
  • press  Move 
  • and select to wich folder you want to Restore the e-mail

After the recovery, e-mails will be restored to the folder, You have selected.

Attention! Please note that e-mails, which were deleted from Trash folder, can be restored via web interface for 7 days after deletion, after that the e-mail, will be lost!

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