2-step verification


What is this?

2-step verification (known also as two-factor authentication) is an extra layer of your account security, protecting you from your data stealing. It can be implemented using mobile application for code generation, installed on your mobile device and set exactly for your account.


Why is this necessary?​

2-step verification helps to protect different malicious attacks and eliminates the possibility, that anyone can pick up or steal your password. It is actual for those, who uses the same password on different web-pages, is downloading programs through the Internet, is using a public computer or clicks on links in e-mail messages. 2-step verification helps to rise the security level of your account.


How does it works?

In essence, it is a two-stage login into your mailbox account: the first one is your login and password entering, and the second – you need to enter six digit code, generated by the application which is set up in mobile device specially for your account.


Which mobile phones can be used for 2-step verification?

For 2-step verification, you can use any mobile phone, where is a possibility to download, install and set up code generating application. There is no matter which model or operating system do you use.


How to enable?

To enable 2-step verification, you need to:

1) Install a code generator application to your mobile phone:

  • Select one of the suggested applications depending on your mobile phone operating system. By clicking on the proposed program, the download link opens, also a detailed description of the proposed application.
  • Install the selected application on your mobile phone.


List of available apps for phone:

Android (FreOTP, Google Authentificator, Other

iOs (FreOTP, Google Autentificator, Other)

Windows Phone (Autentificator, OTP Autentificator, Other)


2) Set up code generation exactly for your account:

  • Log into your account using the Web-based interface, and then go to the user profile,
  • Select  on your name and surname, select user profile icon , enter your password and press "Confirm"
  • Choose the selection "2-step verification" click "Enable" button,
  • At this stage, you will see the window "Install a code generation app". Press “Continue” button,
  • At this stage a barcode will be offered for you to scan it by mobile application (for barcode reading), so all the settings can be set automatically,
  • If you do not use a barcode scanning application, then you have to manually adjust settings for code generator for your account, - follow the instructions after clicking on “Can not scan the barcode” in email options at web-based interface,
  • After you have completed customization of the code generator app on your mobile phone, open the application and generate code by pressing “Generate key”,
  • Enter this code to the “Pin” field in your mailbox options,
  • Press “Verify and save”.

!!!If you missed the first generated code, then please repeat all the above steps. Erase the scanned bar code, take a picture again and press on the “Generate Key”. In this time, please enter first code.


  • If the 2-step verification is set successfully, you will see a confirmation message about 2-step verification activation for your account.
  • The next time you get in the mailbox, after you’ve entered your login and password, you will be asked for a six-digit code generated by the application set in your mobile phone for your account.


How to disable?

You can disable 2-step verification any time you need. To do that: 

  • Log into your account using the Web-based interface, and then go to the mail options,
  • Select "User Profile", enter your password and press "Confirm"
  • Choose the selection "Account security", "2-step verification" click "Unable" button


What if generated code is not suitable?

Probably the generated code is not suitable because of incorrect time in your phone. Set the proper time(or enable automatic time detection) in your phone.


What if the phone is stolen or lost?

If your mobile phone is stolen or lost, then in this case, you have to take password restoreprocedure. After a successful password restore two-step verification to your account will be automatically switched off. To re-activate this function, you need to go throught activation process from the beginning.

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