Email migration to domain email

Mail transfer happens through pop3/imap protocols. We recommend using IMAP.

1) Enable POP3/IMAP access in your mail.

1. Access to your mail via imap must be allowed in your mailbox.

2. Enable in your mail settings:

3. After turning it on, you will see a special password, which you will use later to transfer your mail to the domain.

2) Importing mail:

1. Go to the administration section of your domain

2. Select the Import section

3. In the Domain Configuration section, enter:

  • Origin e-mail domain name:
  • Mail server address:
  • Port: 993
  • Select server protocol: IMAP
  • Select encryption: SSL
  • Select auth type: plaintext

4. In the "Mailbox users" section

  • Username: your username from mailbox from which e-mails will be transferred (for example, user_mailbox)
  • Password: your special password for accessing mail via pop3/imap (

(!) All other values ​​remain specified by default, without changes.

3) Continue to Folder mapping

Next, you will be offered a list of your folders that will be synchronized, you can change the location where which folder should be synchronized. Your own folders will be synced with the same name as they were before automatically.

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