What is a mail program?

   Mail program is a program with wich you can write, read, send and save e-mail messages. Recieved and sent messages are kept on your computer disc and you can wite and read your messages without useing web interface.

   You don’t need regular internet connection, because connection to the server is only when the program checks the new mail, downloads new messages or sends the writtens ones.

   These programs often are called POP3/SMTP client-programs, because almost every contemporary mail program supports POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocols.

Some useful mail programs:

 Microsoft Outlook Express – free e-mail client program, that is available on Microsoft operating system.


Mozilla Thunderbird – free, open-code e-mail program; available on different operating systems.


The Bat! – not for free; a program from RITLABS.


Eudora Pro – often used e-mail program, because it is working in many operating systems.


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