Settings for email client software (pop3, imap, smtp)

You can send and receive emails not only by using web interface, but also by using mail programs, such as:

  • Microsoft Outlook,
  • Microsoft Outlook Express,
  • Windows Mail,
  • The Bat!
  • Mozilla Thunderbird,
  • Apple Mail,
  • and other.

If you are using the POP3 protocol:


POP3 (incoming mail server):

  • Encryption: Must be turned on SSL
  • Port POP3: 995

SMTP (outgoing mail server):

  • Encryption: Must be turned on TLS vai SSL
  • Ports SMTP: 587 (in case if you use TLS)
  • Ports SMTP: 465 (in case if you use SSL)

If you are using the IMAP protocol:


IMAP (incoming mail server):

  • Encryption: Must be turned on SSL
  • Ports IMAP: 993

SMTP (outgoing mail server):

  • Encryption: Must be turned on TLS or SSL
  • Ports SMTP: 587 (in case if you use TLS)
  • Ports SMTP: 465 (in case if you use SSL)

! ! ! Absolutely necessary:

  • Allow access to your mailbox through POP3 / IMAP / SMTP protocols. By default it is turned off.
  • Make sure that field ''username'' contains the full e-mail name, such as
  • In mail program settings, you need to set an authorization mode to outgoing SMTP mail server
  • Put a tick on “Leave a copy of messages on the server” in your mail program settings to save a copy of the message on By default, it is disabled - this means that all or part of the emails in your mailbox can disappear (they will not be accessible in web interface).


Attention! The setting “Enable external POP3/IMAP and SMTP access” can be automatically disabled. When it will be disabled, you will receive a notification that POP3/IMAP access has been blocked with a possible reason. More on why this is happening?

Additional information:
You may use this settings when email client software does not supports SSL encryption. 

It is obligate to activate Authentication for Inbox Outgoing SMTP server in the options of mail program. More about Outgoing SMTP authentication

In order to ensure users’ safety, default access to mailbox using POP3/SMTP protocol is denied. To enable this option, go to mailbox “Options”, click “Email forwarding, mail programs, SMS alerts” and choose “Enable external POP3 and SMTP access”. External POP3/SMTP access will be activated in 15 minutes. More

When using POP3 for mail program You have opportunity to download all incoming mail to computer, as well as to save all incoming messages on a server to use those on the web interface.


For users of free Inbox Mail service there is a restriction for sent letter count using SMTP server - max 15 letters per hour (no restrictions in this case for Inbox Mail+ users) and 5 letters per minute.

Remember, that You can check incoming mail in a client program not more often than once in 5 minutes.

According to POP3 protocol restrictions, it is not possible to check one mailbox from different computers or other devices at the same time.

Abusive usage of service as well as violation of terms of service automatically locks letter sending.

If user gets status "inactive" - pop3 access turns off.

If active user don't use pop3 access for 2 months - pop3 access turns off.



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