Creating the letter in "Fonts & colors" mode

Mode "Fonts & Colors" provides additional features for composing email in HTML format. In the toolbar click "Compose Mail" to compose a letter in HTML format (format is set by default). In the letter compose window, above the message entering field, there is a toolbar, which allows to choose - show plain text or text effects.

If is chosen plain text mode, You see icon:

If You switch to "Fonts and colors" mode, there is a toolbar:

Mode "Fonts and colors" allows you to:

1. change email type, font size and color;
2. change the background color of the text (only for Internet Explorer);
3. make the text bold, italic, or underline;
4. align the text center, right or left;
5. deviate row to the right or left;
6. add marked and numbered lists;
7. insert links to Internet resources (http / https, ftp, news, etc.);
8. add graphic gestures and smileys.

To insert a graphic gesture or a smiley, click on the smiling face and from the drop-down menu, select one of the 20 available smileys.

To change the font size by using your mouse – select the text needed, click the icon with the letters "TT" and from the drop-down list choose the desired font size. °

To change the font color, click on the icon "T" and select one of the 40 available colors. If the list does not include the desired color, click on the link "Colors ...", which is below the color palette. To select a different font (eg, change the font to "Courier New"), click on the icon "F".

To change the font style – for bold, click the icon "B", for italic, click the icon "I" and for underline, click the icon "U".

To insert a URL link in email, select the word (phrase or paragraph) and click on the icon of the globe. In the window that appears, select the protocol (http / https, ftp, news, or ) from the drop-down list, and in the text box type the address, such as, and click "OK".

To insert a special character, click on the 'button' icon. Special characters are: "euro", "dollar", "Chinese Yuan", paragraph symbol, copyright symbol, trademark symbol, etc.

To align text, use the button 'left', 'center' or 'right'. To switch to alignment mode, simply click once on this button; to turn off the alignment, press the button again. You can also use the mouse to select text and click "Center" – all text will be aligned centered.
To end text formatting, simply highlight the text with the cursor and click on the icon with the eraser.

The email composed in "Fonts and colors" mode (HTML format) will be displayed in the mail service web interface and also in mail service that supports HTML format. All modern mail services, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat, Outlook, Evolution or KMail supports HTML format. However, there are exceptions, such as: Mutt, Pine and GNUS (works in text mode), which does not support or partially supports HTML mode. In such situations, we recommend using "Plain text" mode.

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